Hear Pat McGaha Live

If you would enjoy hearing Pat McGaha talk about his career in law enforcement, tune in to John Hoda’s podcast #3, #10 and #23 at www.johnhoda.com or on iTunes or Stitcher or Google play by searching My Favorite Detectives Stories. (John is a former police officer with a long career as an insurance fraud investigator.) Pat, in his own voice, recounts stories from his time as a … Continue reading Hear Pat McGaha Live

A Warrior’s Journey Chapters 1-3

  Chapter 1 U.S. Coalition Intelligence agencies covering Northern Afghanistan strongly suspected the small village nestled high in the mountains, just a stone’s throw from the main road linking Pakistan and Afghanistan, as being a stronghold for Al Qaeda. On the ground information was verified by satellite images and drone video. Sources confirmed at least 100 heavily armed men were camped inside and nearby the … Continue reading A Warrior’s Journey Chapters 1-3