Rookie Cop Chapter 4

U.S. Copyright # 1-4992347791-2017 Thomas realized he had become the most wanted man in Shreveport. He liked the cat and mouse game he was living. He knew he could outsmart the cops and rub their noses in his crimes. He started out attacking women during daylight hours then shifted to early evenings and finally nighttime.  I was reading the newspapers and following the T.V. news … Continue reading Rookie Cop Chapter 4

Rookie Cop Chapter 3

Protected under U.S. Copyright # 1-4992347791-2017 Rookie Cop Chapter 3 He knew the cops were now keenly aware of him as he drove along the streets of Shreveport.  He felt he should discontinue trolling for targets in southeastern Shreveport. As he found himself cruising down West 70th street, he pulled into a convenience store located at the southwest corner of Pines Rd. He needed gas and a … Continue reading Rookie Cop Chapter 3

Rookie Cop Chapter 2

This story is protected under U.S. Copyright # 1-4992347791-2017 Chapter 2 Serial Rapist He spotted her car underneath the open air covered parking area. He noted her assigned parking space listing her apartment number. Slowly driving out of the apartment complex, he jotted down that number. He liked the way she looked, small, petite, long blonde hair that ran all the way down to her lower back. … Continue reading Rookie Cop Chapter 2

Rookie Cop Chapter 1

Protected under U.S. Copyright # 1-4992347791-2017 I was starting my career as a Shreveport police officer after recently being discharged from my four years of service in the Marines. I made it through two basic police training academies. First within S.P.D. and the other at L.S.U. Baton Rouge. Next was my training in the field as a street officer. I was assigned to ride with senior officer … Continue reading Rookie Cop Chapter 1