On A Full Moon 14

Copyright 1-4992347792-2017 The sound of the little battery powered Big Foot truck Robbin and I bought Paxton for his third birthday woke me as he made laps around our small farmhouse in the country. Our bedroom was dark on purpose. I worked graveyard shift in S.P.D.’s major crimes division and slept during daylight hours. At times, I felt like Dracula. I was out every night … Continue reading On A Full Moon 14

On A Full Moon 13

,Copyright 1-4992347791-2017 Some believe there is a thumb on the scales of justice held by the blindfolded lady. Go to this link written by Nicole Flatow/Think Progress. Google 10 Most Appalling Failures of the American Justice System  and read about one side of the scales from her perspective. As you read my story, you may conclude a thumb may have been on the scales in … Continue reading On A Full Moon 13

On A Full Moon 10

Copyright 1-4002347791-2017 Poetic justice is a literary device in which ultimately virtue is rewarded and vice punished. In modern literature, it is often accompanied by and ironic twist of fate related to a character’s own action. Origin of the term: English drama critic, Thomas Rymer, coined the phrase in The Tragedies of the Last Age Consider’d (1678) to describe how a work should inspire proper … Continue reading On A Full Moon 10