About Pat McGaha

For over 22 years I was a street cop and homicide detective in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana. I want to share the stories of murders, robberies, rapes, bank heists, police shootings and high-speed chases with you. They are all true and accurate.

During my career as a police officer, I saw many things that changed my life, broke my heart and influenced the man I am today. I lost friends in the line of duty. I worked the streets as a young rookie cop just home from the Marines. I was eager to become one of the best cops in the history of the Shreveport Police department.

Upon my retirement and still today, there are those who feel I achieved my goal and others who would disagree. All I know I did my best and have very few regrets. I delivered a baby in the back seat of a patrol car, worked undercover for two years, was shot in the line of duty and talked people on the verge of ending their lives down from ledges and bridges.

I negotiated a successful ending to an intense hostage situation during a bank robbery, engaged in numerous high-speed chases of felons, drove up on many late night mini street riots alone and did not turn and run. I caught many professional robbery and burglary suspects, broke up parts of the Dixie Mafia, escorted and protected several U.S. Presidents and V.P.s along with movie stars and other famous people. I investigated numerous murders, rapes, robberies, kidnappings, street thefts and all other types of theft including white collar embezzlement and street level purse snatchings.

I learned to fly helicopters and airplanes including tail-draggers and seaplanes. I reported morning and afternoon traffic on the local radio stations and later hosted TV and radio shows. I owned a production company, wrecker company and later became a residential builder with commercial contractor licenses.

My premier blog will involve the first rapist I caught as a young street cop. The suspect raped 18 or so young females across Shreveport during an eight month spree. I have many true stories to share. I hope you find some satisfaction and even entertainment from those that end up being funny.

When I refer to the victims of violent crimes I investigated, I do so to inform society and to perhaps save some of you from such evil crime and violence. I tell these stories truthfully and as accurately as possible. I will not share names of sexual assault victims and some murder victims. I share my stories with the utmost respect for those victims, their families and friends. When I refer to those in law enforcement and the judiciary who were dishonest, corrupt, lazy and in many cases, just plain dumb, I will not use their real names as I live in a state with more lawyers per capita, who pledge to litigate anyone for anything at any time.

20 thoughts on “About Pat McGaha

  1. I totally agree. You achieved your goal for sure. Thank you for your service and your undying special relationship. Such a caring, tender, loving man with a big heart to match…… God Bless you.


    1. Hey Bubba! I’m still around. I’ve been busy dealing with production companies. I’m publishing chapters of my novel A Warriors Journey. I plan to write several more True Crime Short Stories soon. Thanks for following us!


  2. Mr McGaha,
    I just finished finding and reading your article on catching Danny Goodson..I hope he’s still behind bars so that he can’t hurt anyone else..I knew him when I was about 13 or 14..he and some buddies used to visit the boy that lived behind us and I guess I caught his eye..I feel so blessed that I dodged a bullet in my dealings with him and for a protective mama..it’s scary when you realize how close you come to pure evil..


    1. Charlotte, Thank you for taking time to read this story. I hope you are able to read al of them. I’m glad to hear that your had a strong Mother watching over you as well.


  3. Pat,
    I listened to your interview on John Hoda’s blog.
    Thank you for your service in the military, police work and your current work.
    I love your passion and commitment.
    Rory J McMahon,


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