A Warrior’s Journey

Currently there are 51 True Crime Short Stories published on my blog under the titles Street Crimes, Rookie Cop, Crooked Cops and On A Full Moon. These are actual cases and events I experienced during my 22 years as a cop in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have at least 10 more of these stories to write. In the meantime, I want to share another passion of mine with my readers.

When I retired years ago, I was mentally and emotionally burdened with unresolved issues. I needed an outlet, a way to deal with these issues that haunted my soul. I considered seeking professional counseling but held back. I decided to self-medicate my P.T.S.D. in a way that actually worked.

One day I sat at my computer and began to write my life story. Three years later I completed my first non-fiction book titled Our Blood Runs Blue. I chose this title because my Irish family had eight members who served in law enforcement in the last century. Writing my life events purged my soul. I wept and I laughed aloud. As you read my stories, I hope you realize that I write straight from my heart. Sometimes I am quite graphic and hold back nothing.

After finishing Our Blood Runs Blue, I discovered several things about myself. I learned writing purges unresolved issues. The burden was lifted from my shoulders. I also discovered I love to tell stories. My first book was never published as it is a “Tell All” and would cause major embarrassment for many people in high places. They still hold appointed and elected offices and are well respected. If I publish this story, it would definitely disrupt their lives. They would need to defend their dark histories in public. I do not want to tell secrets. I think of the old Southern saying, “Let sleeping dogs lie”, so I will keep it to myself.

I enjoy telling you about cases I worked as a cop but they are non-fiction. To write them as true stories, I am limited to historical facts. I am unable to use my imagination and/or embellish. After I wrote Our Blood Runs Blue, I was compelled to write my first fictional novel, Bubba’s Harley, based on real events in my life. It is fiction because I did not have enough memory to write it as it actually happened. I wanted to tell the story so needed to fill in the missing parts. I enjoyed using my imagination to make the story complete. Writing Bubba’s Harley was a thrill. I had no limits as the thoughts poured from pen to paper. I wrote Bubba’s story in six weeks. If you wish to read it, go to amazon.com and search for the title, or under my full name, James Patrick McGaha. The book is priced around $14 as a paperback. You can also find used copies cheaper or read as an eBook on a laptop or download to another device. 

If you enjoy my writing style, I hope you will like my fictional stories as well. A Warrior’s Journey is set in current time based in or near my hometown of Shreveport. The names of the characters are actual friends or family. It is a love story suited to women readers. I hope men will also read it and not be turned off by the love aspects. Beyond the romance there is action, drama, guns, motorcycles, airplanes, old homes and swamps. I feel there is enough to keep the male readers turning pages. 

A Warrior’s Journey was written about a year ago. I wrote the first half in three months. Then life happened and I tabled it for several more months. As the stars in my life realigned, I picked up where I left off. I attempted to publish it. There are a million fictional writers in America struggling to be published. It is a rat race and I gave up. I think the story would make a great movie so I attempted to pursue this venue. After months of going down this well beaten path, I gave up and became frustrated. 

When I made the decision to blog my stories for free public access, some of my friends thought it was foolish. My response is quite simple. I do not write my stories with intentions of compensation. I just want to tell them to anyone that will listen and/or read them. Once I began publishing them for free, they were soon being read all over the world. Many of the readers messaged and thanked me for sharing them. Then people in the movie and TV business began contacting me wanting to pitch the stories to movie companies and TV networks. I have been contacted by many independent production companies from New York to Hollywood. Nothing has solidified but perhaps one day, I will get a TV show or movie. If not, I’m okay just the same. 

In the next few days, I will publish A Warrior’s Journey here on my blog. I plan to make regular installments over time.

Thank you all for reading my stories and sharing them with your friends and families. Thank you also for the kind comments and feedback!

Pat McGaha


5 thoughts on “A Warrior’s Journey

  1. There is a peace in coming to the finish of old haunts. I have watched you become a sable cat from a young tom cat. The writings just add to the persona of a true Southern Gentleman. Be blessed.


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