A message from Pat McGaha

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading my 50 true crime short stories! As you may know, I took a few months off to deal with many things happening. During my time off, I was busy working with a large production company in California. We wrote several scripts and are about to shoot a Trailer/Short Film to present to a couple of major TV networks in hope of landing a TV series.

In addition, I will be sitting in on several podcast recordings with host John A. Hoda. John is a former police officer with a long career as a insurance fraud investigator. He has written numerous stories about cases he investigated and is about to launch his new Podcast. I will be one of his featured guests. Today we are recording our first episode. John plans to release his podcast in June.  If you enjoyed reading my stories, perhaps you will also enjoy hearing me tell these and many other stories on air. I will update you on how to access John’s link when avaiable. Take care and please share my stories with your friends and families. Pat McGaha

8 thoughts on “A message from Pat McGaha

  1. The best of luck to you . I can’t tell you how very much I’ve enjoyed your stories….can’t WAIT to hear your good news!! You over everyone deserves a spot on t,v….


  2. How exciting!!!! So darn happy for you Pat. I know you are on cloud 9. Well deserved for sure! Don’t forget
    us Grovites…lol. (((Proud))) Best of Luck. Love Ya!!! Connie


  3. Uncle Pat,

    I enjoy reading your stories can you please include my coworker Dustin.

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10



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