Rookie Cop Chapter 5

Pat McGaha

My first homicide call: Copyright 1-4992347791

In the summer of ’75, I was assigned to ride with my field training officer.  Our beat was the blue collar neighborhood of Cedar Grove. I can close my eyes and see it like yesterday. After my brother, sister and I were released from the foster home in Hall Summit, LA., we settled on E. 72nd Street in the heart of Cedar Grove. I do not remember how I met Dennis James Weed, called D.J. by friends and family, nor his younger brother Douglas (Froggy). It probably was at Corner Drug Store or Cedar Grove city park. Nonetheless, we became close friends. We rode our bikes all over town. We once rode all the way out Ellerbee Road to Wallace Lake Dam to swim in the dangerous currents. The old saying “God watches over fools and drunks” definitely applied to us. Many times our…

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