On A Full Moon Chapter 3

Pat McGaha

Two years undercover: Copyright 1-4992347791

In the fall of ’77, I was finishing my second year on patrol. I was lucky and had made arrests in a couple of cases. Catching a serial rapist gained the attention of Chief J. Kenneth Lanigan. J.K. would be the last Chief of Police under the old form of government in Shreveport. Retired Deputy Fire Chief Terry Hayes, his boss, was the last Commissioner of Public Safety. Hayes was over both police and fire departments.

I worked downtown as part time security at United Jewelers on my off days. One day a store clerk approached and handed me a copy of the Shreveport Times. She pointed to a news article and said, “Congratulations. You made the paper.” The S.P.D. grapevine rumored J.K. would shake up things within his department when he took the reins from former Chief T.P. Kelly.  Chief Kelly was under Commissioner George W. D’Artois, the man…

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