On a Full Moon Chapter 1

Pat McGaha

This story is protected under U.S. Copyright #1-4002347791-2017

Under this title, I will share snippets of cases I encountered during my career. If you try to follow my career path, I assure you it is very confusing.  I will pause and give you a little insight.

In my first year, I worked patrol and in my 12th month as a cop I was transferred to Organized Crime and Intelligence. I know…. Intelligence and Pat McGaha were never synonymous. I worked vice, organized criminal enterprises under cover, for almost 2 years. Then I made detective in criminal investigations. There I worked all types of felony cases such as robbery, homicide, kidnappings, thefts, burglaries and rapes. I transferred into investigations 5 times in my career. And 5 times back to uniform service or what most called patrol. As a detective, I was always in the full tilt mode, 100% on fire with…

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3 thoughts on “On a Full Moon Chapter 1

  1. Good story and it seems you handled these two new guys very professionally…..even tho they did get ridiculed, hope my spellings half correct. Would have been manly of them, if they had stood up and told things wouldn’t have gone so well without yours and the other detectives help. And what a great detective you were and still are.


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