Street Crime # 14

Pat McGaha

December 7th is a historical date. Delaware became the first to ratify the US constitution, 1787. Jesse James’ gang robs a bank in Gallatin, Missouri and kills an innocent citizen, 1868. Thomas Edison demonstrateshis phonograph to the editors of “Scientific American”, 1877. The USA’s “Rainbow” Division arrives in France (with Colonel Douglas MacArthur among it ranks), 1917. 19 year old Ted Williams signed with the Red Sox, 1937. Lou Gehrig is elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame, 1939. Imperial Japanese Navy with 353 planes attacks US fleet at Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hawaii killing 2,403, “A Day Which Will Live in Infamy”, 1942. Otis Redding records “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”, 1967. Philippine’sfirst Lady Imelda Marcos is stabbed & wounded by an assailant, 1972. Wings release “Band on the Run”, 1973.

On December 7, 1983, I was in my eighth year of police service in Shreveport, Louisiana. I…

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