Street Crime # 13

Pat McGaha

Copyright 1-4992347791-2017

“One for the road”…There was an old Hotel/Pub in Marble Arch, London that had an adjacent gallows. Prisoners were taken to the gallows (after a fair trial of course) to be hung. The horse drawn dray carting the prisoner was accompanied by an armed guard who stopped the dray outside the pub. He asked the prisoner if he would like “One Last Drink”.

If the prisoner said yes, it was referred to as “One For The Road”. If he declined, the prisoner was “on the wagon”.

Years ago, people tanned animal skins. Families collected urine in a pot and once a day sold it to the tannery. If you had to do this to survive, you were “Piss Poor”. Worse than that, the really poor folk, could not afford to buy a pot. They “Didn’t have a pot to Piss in”.  Per “One for the…

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