Street Crime Short Stories # 12

Pat McGaha

IMG_0937Copyright 1-4992347791-2017

Warning! Graphic content

Above photo in memory of my father, Shreveport Police Officer Rayburn McGaha Sr. 1947. Next photo he is with my sister, Sue, and his Harley. 

“If we ever meet for a cup of coffee, be advised it might be dangerous” – Pat McGaha

I was assigned to graveyard shift patrol in the western part of town. I was a supervisor now and loved the men and women with whom I served. They were my second family. I spent more time with them than my wife and son and felt guilty. Street crimes changed in winter. During the humid summer months, tempers were on edge which drove up the number of street fights, family fights, murders and rapes. When fall arrived and the temperature eased from triple digits to lower 70’s, everyone seemed to calm a little. However, there was a downside to this. We saw a…

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