Street Crime Short Stories # 11

Pat McGaha

Copyright 1-4992347791-2017

Do you ever daydream?

It was my lucky night. I reported for patrol duty on graveyard shift with S.P.D. My favorite desk sergeant was having a night off. His relief sergeant did things his way. As I strolled up, I asked where I was riding. He said, “Looks like Cedar Grove, Mac. Yeah, Cedar Grove, The regular officers are off.”

He tossed a set of keys to a police unit on the counter. Before he could change his mind, I clipped them to my keeper on my rig and headed to roll call.With my gear loaded in my unit, I wasted no time heading to my beat. The departmental grapevine was humming with news a shakeup was just around the corner. I heard I was being promoted in a week or so to criminal investigator. I smiled thinkingabout investigating major crimes in plainclothes.

Just like all other nights,I…

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