Street Crime Short Stories #10

Pat McGaha

Copyright 1-4992347791-2017

Street Crime Short Stories #10

After a month on day shift patrol, I missed the action. In some ways, days was a never ending vacation. Very little street crime occurred during the daylight hours. Nights are when thugs slither into the darkness and prey upon society. I asked for graveyard shift once again. I learned it was easy to switch with an officer wanting day shift.

I soon was patrolling west Shreveport in the Western Hills neighborhood. Still a junior officer, I bounced to different beats nightly. I liked learning new areas and people. Night shift was exciting regardless where I was assigned.  Calls for service were much higher at night. Family fight calls were routine. Many men after work headed to a bar to get drunk and then go stumbling  home to their waiting spouses. The fast pace of calls and action made the shift speed by. I…

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