Street Crime Short Stories #9

Pat McGaha

Copyright 1-4992347791-2017

Street Crime Short Stories #9

After two years in O.C.I. (Organized Crime & Intelligence), I found myself on day shift patrol. With only four years seniority, I was low man on the pole. Most of the senior guys were on day shift. They had done their time on evenings and graveyard shifts seeing and doing what most cops do. They found their way to a shift less demanding on them and their personal lives. The same formula applied to days off as well. Senior guys want off on weekends. Junior guys fill in during their absence. As a relief officer, I floated from beat to beat all over the city. One cool, sunny morning in early fall I rode the Southern Hills area of Shreveport. As for crime, there was not any.  It was not like the fast pace of graveyard shift in Cedar Grove. People actually liked me. I drove along the smooth, asphalt streets…

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