Street Crime Short Stories #4

Pat McGaha

Street crime short stories #4

U.S. Copyright 1-4992347791-2017

I was back on patrol working day shift in the Shreve City area. It was fall, my favorite season.

It was early morning in Dallas, Texas. She was washing her brand new Chevy Camaro in a self serve carwash. She was an attractive, young, single lady. She pulled into a empty bay, looked around and felt secure. She turned off her engine, grabbed a handful of quarters and plugged them into the machine. Not wanting to lock her keys in the car, she made certain her doors were unlocked.

She took her time washing the road film from her red sports car. She just finished rinsing it when she felt something press against her lower back. Frightened she quickly spun around. Her eyes focused on the young male in front of her. He was holding a large black handgun pointed at her chest. He smiled and instructed her to…

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