Rookie Cop Chapter 8

Pat McGaha

Copyright 1-4992347791-2017

“On Graveyard in The Graveyard”

The desk sergeant was good for his word. He did his best to assign me Cedar Grove on graveyard shift during the off days of the senior officers. My buddy, Glenn Schach, rode South Highland. L.L. was now on our shift and rode Warner Park and Sunset Acres. We were busy that night when we first hit the streets. Burglar calls, family fights, auto accidents, gunshot calls, prowlers, drunks, loud music and all other calls cops across the country routinely make late at night.

I recall that comfortable summer night like it was yesterday.  We were in the middle of watermelon season. They were being harvested from local farms raised in our rich Red River sand. I have never tasted one raised elsewhere as good. In the 70’s, Shreveport had produce stands in every neighborhood. One of my favorite stands was on W. 70th across from…

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