Rookie Cop Chapter 6

Pat McGaha

Copyright 1-4992347791-2017

In the mid 70’s, we worked four 10 hour shifts with three days off as Shreveport patrol officers. The senior officers enjoyed their off days off while we rookies drove their units in their beats across town. This evening I was in my old stomping grounds. I spent half my childhood in Cedar Grove before I joined the Marines in’ 69 at age 17. I had a fond affinity for this small, blue collar section of town. Cedar Grove had a long standing reputation of good, hard working people and men who loved to fight and were good at it.

Riding the adjoining beat of Spring Lake that night was a tall, blonde officer named Gary Alderman. He attended Woodlawn High School and was a standout basketball player. He was one class ahead of Joe Ferguson who then was the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.  Joe was the NFL’s third…

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