Crooked Cops #1

Pat McGaha


Copyright 1-4992347791-2017

In Chapter 2 of my story titled “On A Full Moon”, I write about a police officer I arrested for Carnal Knowledge. This Series will be about crooked cops. Some were arrested while others were forced to resign or retire. These officers are real. What they did was awful. I despise crooked cops. I know most people do as well. I encountered street criminals I respected more than these slime balls. The only thing I will change are the names of the officers and officials.

Between the 1900’s and late 1960’s, many police agencies across the country sought and hired big, mean, bully type men as officers. Most were sadistic and enjoyed inflicting pain on others. When they were given power over citizens in their jurisdictions, they became society’s worst nightmare. 

The Shreveport Police department was not immune to this practice. I will prove it in this series…

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