Rookie Cop Chapter 3

Pat McGaha

Protected under U.S. Copyright # 1-4992347791-2017

Rookie Cop Chapter 3

He knew the cops were now keenly aware of him as he drove along the streets of Shreveport.  He felt he should discontinue trolling for targets in southeastern Shreveport. As he found himself cruising down West 70th street, he pulled into a convenience store located at the southwest corner of Pines Rd. He needed gas and a pack of Marlboro smokes. He parked at the pumps and went inside. As he pumped gas into his small economy car, he leaned against the rear fender and looked around an unfamiliar part of town.

While he was there, several young women parked and went inside. It was a hot summer day and they looked very good in their little shorts, tank-tops, flip-flops and ponytails. None of them hit him hard enough to follow them home or wherever they were bound.  He spotted a very nice apartment…

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