Rookie Cop Chapter 2

Pat McGaha

This story is protected under U.S. Copyright # 1-4992347791-2017

Chapter 2

Serial Rapist

He spotted her car underneath the open air covered parking area. He noted her assigned parking space listing her apartment number. Slowly driving out of the apartment complex, he jotted down that number. He liked the way she looked, small, petite, long blonde hair that ran all the way down to her lower back. She was in great shape. Her body was clearly revealed as she wore a tight tee shirt and running shorts. He imagined the things he would do to her once she was under his complete control.

Over the next two days, he stalked her. He followed her to the college campus noting each of her movements. He logged the days and times of each occasion she left her upstairs apartment. He was delighted to learn her main entrance was mostly concealed in the very back of the…

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