On A Full Moon 4

Warning: Graphic Content in this story!

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“I am guilty of using words I do not know the true, original meaning.”  – Pat McGaha

Karma from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Karma (car-ma) is a word meaning the result of a person’s actions as well as the actions themselves. It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. According to the theory of Karma, what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions.

In terms of spiritual development, Karma is about all that a person has done, is doing and will do. Karma is not about punishment or reward. It makes a person responsible for their own life, and how they treat other people.

Author’s Note: All of the stories I publish on my WordPress blog are actual cases I worked and know by heart. This case is an exception. I was actively involved in another serial rapist case at the time this serial rapist terrorized Shreveport. However, I do have knowledge of it. I attended numerous briefings within the investigations division and listened to the case detective give details of the case. Some of the minor details may appear slightly out of order but the important events are covered in this story. At the conclusion of this case, I personally met with the team members involved and was fully informed. 

He worked for the railroad and traveled often. His family lived in the Cedar Grove neighborhood of Shreveport.

I was assigned to a serial rapist we called The Highland Rapist. All of his victims lived in this older neighborhood one mile south of downtown. I worked with a great team of officers hand selected to catch him.

We had two serial rapists working in Shreveport at the same time. A white male in Highland and a black male dubbed the Cedar Grove Rapist. Society names its killers, robbers and rapists in connection to their crimes, e.g. Jack the Ripper, Bonnie and Clyde, The Hill Side Stalker, The Atlanta Child Murderer and so on.

Most often they are labeled by news media after repeated offenses are committed and the location, M.O. or other characteristics are identified. Our two active rapists targeted women in two different neighborhoods, thus their names.

The Cedar Grove rapist first struck in the Cedar Grove city park. It was late at night. He cruised along W. 70th, turned on to St. Vincent and finally on to W. 68th traveling around the perimeter of the small park. The park was a landmark in this community for generations. In fact, I played little league at the ball fields and learned to swim in the city pool. The rapist scanned the landscape in search of a target. He wanted a young couple out of their car on a park bench or out for an evening stroll. He knew what he wanted and tonight he was going to get it. As he rounded the park, he spotted them. A couple making out in the front seat of their car parked in the lot located at the northeast corner of the campus. They parked away from the street lamps in the darkest part of the lot.

He had his pistol in the car and was ready for a little fun and excitement this evening. He pulled his shirttail out of his pants and inserted the pistol beneath his waistband. He exited his car and surveyed the area for witnesses or cops. The coast was clear, just the couple and him. He felt aroused as his heart pumped blood and adrenalin throughout his body.  Taking his time, he kept his head on a swivel watching for others as he approached the car. He liked to keep things simple. Reaching into his upper shirt pocket, he found his pack of smokes and withdrew a cigarette. He slid the smoke between his dry lips never taking his eyes off the unsuspecting targets as he drew near. He saw the windows rolled down on this warm summer night. He did not want to startle them so he cleared his throat about 15 feet from the young male driver.  The driver looked at him and asked if he could help the suspect.

The rapist said, “Sorry to bother you but can I trouble you for a light?”

The driver took his eyes off the man to engage the car’s cigarette lighter. This gave the rapist the opportune moment he envisioned. The young man was distracted. The rapist pulled up his shirttail and grabbed his pistol. When the driver looked back, all he saw was the gun barrel

“Get out of the car now or I will blow your head off!” The driver obeyed. The rapist ordered the young female to get out on the same side as the driver.

The suspect made the two walk in front of him deep into the shadows of the abandoned park. He instructed the couple to lie down on the thick grass. He held the gun at the man’s head and told the girl to remove all her clothing. She did without hesitation. He then ordered the young man to take his off as well.  The rapist commanded the young girl to perform oral sex on her date. This was their first date. They were kissing for the first time when the suspect appeared at their car. She cried and pleaded but the suspect threatened to kill her boyfriend if she did not do everything he instructed.

She did as ordered. The young male responded to her attention even though they were both under duress. Next the suspect ordered the girl to lie on her back. He told the boyfriend to get on top of her and have sex. The victims obeyed and soon were fully involved. The suspect held them at gunpoint while he stroked the bulge in his pants with his free hand. When he was fully aroused, he ordered the boy to stop. Using the boy’s belt, he tied the victim’s hands behind his back and made him lie next to the girl. The suspect slid off his pants and climbed on top of her. He wasted no time and rammed his penis deep inside her. The suspect was in his 30’s and a large man. He was well endowed and hurt her as he pounded her. Tears streamed from her eyes as he forced himself on her. She begged him to stop. This only made him pound harder. He looked at the boy and said, “This is how a real man does it. You see kid? You have to give it all to her and make her cry!”

She prayed it would end soon but he just kept slamming his body into hers. Finally he finished and slid off her. He pulled his pants on and stood. He took the boy’s car keys and cash from his billfold. He gathered all their clothing, ran to his car and drove away. The victims could only walk across the campus to 70th Street and flag down the next car. She hid in the bushes while he stood naked on the sidewalk. Finally a motorist stopped. The driver would not let the young, naked boy inside his car.  The boy asked the driver to call the police. Soon S.P.D. uniformed officers arrived at the scene. Officers broadcasted the physical description of the suspect but no details on his car. The victims never got a good look at it.

It would take two more rapes by this suspect before our department realized we were facing yet another serial rapist. A team of officers was assigned to a special stakeout. It took several days to accomplish. Our department has always been understaffed. The officers were pulled from patrol and other divisions across the department. Lt. Stan headed the team and several close friends of mine were chosen.

The second rape occurred a few days later at the same park. The third rape happened a week later at a different Cedar Grove park off Browning, called Roberts Park. The team consisted of nine men and one female officer. She was a decoy for the suspect. Her partner was a seasoned cop and known for his courage under fire. He had been in several shootings. We had no doubt he could handle the suspect if they met face to face.

Two months passed. More couples were robbed and the female raped. The small stakeout team was frustrated. They set up at a park night after night but never saw the suspect. They heard the call over the radio about another rape and robbery at another park across town. There were so many parks in Shreveport, they were unable to predict where he would strike.

The team felt the suspect would eventually make it to Line Avenue to the Betty Virginia park. They determined this was their best option. Night after night the team hid in bushes and civilian cars. Roy and his female partner, Melissa, were the decoys. Roy drove his white Camaro with Melissa by his side.

It was late that night and they all were exhausted. They had been working 10-12 hour shifts, 7 days a week. Tonight they had been set up for over 10 hours. Lt. Stan told them to pack it in and go home. A moment later, one of the team members noticed a rust colored Buick Skylark easing north on Line Avenue. The officers could not see the driver clearly in the dark. They were able to determine the car had only one man inside. The driver slowed spotting Roy’s car alone in the parking lot.  He continued up Line then west on Ockley and south on Fairfield. Other team officers radioed he was now eastbound on Trabue Street.  When the car reached the cross street of Thornhill, it came to a stop and the driver got out.

The team was staged around the perimeter in bushes and civilian cars. The suspect did not seen them. He took a foot trail down the step dirt bank into the park. He slowly walked the path by the old Boy Scout Hut and eased across the grassy lawn beneath the giant oak trees. He remained in the shadows as he crept around the pavilion and restrooms.

Russell and I hired on S.P.D. years earlier on the same day. We worked together in O.C.I. as vice detectives. We hunted and fished together and often attended cookouts. He was a good marksman with any firearm and was selected by Lt. Stan as the sniper on the team. Russell later told me how it all went down.

The parking lot was located at the northeast corner of the campus with an entrance on Line Avenue. Roy parked his white Chevy in the south portion facing the drainage ditch that runs through the park. Russell visited the location days before during daylight hours to scope it out. He wanted a good place to set up his nest. At the northwest corner of the parking lot was a thick growth of native cane, called a canebreak. It was 30 feet in length and 10 feet deep. It stood between the parking lot and the rear fences of the houses on Ockley that butted up to the city park. Russell brought his machete that day and cut a narrow path from the foot bridge visitors must take from the parking lot over the ditch. His tiny path ran next to the fences about 20 feet into the break then turned to the center of the growth. He chopped down several giant stalks of cane for a site to set up his dove hunting stool and make his nest functional. He chose a spot in the parking lot for Roy and Melissa to park and cut a shooting lane through the thick cane stalks.

Russell had just fired up a big cigar when he heard Lt. Stan call off the stakeout. He drew in the flame and caused it to start burning. He blew out a large cloud of pungent cigar smoke into the air around him. Russell told me there was not a breeze that night. The smoke hung in the air around him. He laid down his cigar as the team gave out each location of the advancing suspect. Russell heard the suspect’s footsteps as he approached over the concrete foot bridge. He was heading for the decoy car. Roy and Melissa were on guard and turned off their talkies. They slid them on the floorboards and waited.

Russell saw the man walking along the edge of the cane to Roy’s car.  His shirttail was pulled out of his pants as described by the victims. He matched the race, height, weight and age of the suspect. He approached Roy’s car and leaned over to ask for a light. Russell could only see half his head and back because the car blocked his line of sight. Russell held his 270 caliber Remington Deer Rifle steady. Looking through the expensive scope, sighted in for accuracy, he waited.

Suddenly gun shots rang out. The suspect stood completely erect as he took a single step back from Roy’s car. The suspect held a pistol with a dark finish in his hand. He was trying to raise it to fire on the decoys. Roy had fired 4-5 shots into the suspect’s chest. Russell squeezed his trigger and knocked the suspect to the ground. Russell bolted from the nest with his rifle ready for another shot as he approached the man on the ground.

Roy later told me he had his 9 mm S&W automatic pistol in his lap in his right hand with the safety off when the suspect came to his window. The suspect asked for the light and pulled up his shirt to reach for his concealed gun. Roy raised his gun. The suspect shouted, “Don’t do it man!” while pulling out his gun. He never completely raised his gun at Roy and Melissa.  As he stood, Russell cut lose with the high powered sniper rifle and knocked him to the ground.

According to Russell, his shot hit the suspect near his right armpit and exited near his left armpit on his back. He was dead before he fell to the ground. Fire rescue was immediately called and the team alerted headquarters of the shooting. When the E.M.T.’s arrived, he was dead. The Caddo Parish Coroner officially pronounced him.

The next day a local TV station sent a reporter and cameraman to the shooting scene. They filmed several blood soaked bandages left by the firemen and several small pieces of human flesh. The cameraman zoomed in on the blood sprays from the suspect.

The reporter contacted the suspect’s sister. She appeared at the scene for an interview. She ranted and raved how our department assassinated her poor brother when we were trained to arrest armed suspects but chose to kill him instead.

Police hate groups we see in America today were not recently invented. There have always been members of our society that hate cops and do their best to incite more hatred.  The liberal and bias media did not spring up last summer. This news station and all its reporters had a long standing hatred for law enforcement.

I feel the word Karma is most appropriate .




15 thoughts on “On A Full Moon 4

  1. Very Scary!!!! Great job SPD!!!! A friend of mine, his Mother was raped in a ravine next to her house in the Highland area getting groceries out of her car. Sad!!!


  2. Sometimes Karma is a good thing for the rest of society. I remember this one. Also, I remember the Highland Rapist. I lived on Ratcliff at the time. I don’t remember the Highland Rapist crossing Kings Hwy. to the side I lived on but I was working 2nd shift at Western Electric at the time so coming home alone, very late with my young son. I remember pulling into the drive, shining my car headlights in the trees and bushes and then hurrying into the house and locking the doors quickly.


    1. I will write a detailed story about the Highland rapist case and I am sure you will take a look deep behind the scenes within our department as you read it. I promise you will learn things that were never covered by the press. I have avoided writing this story for many years as it will bother a few people who have enjoyed the misinformation that was presented during that time. I spoke to a dear cop friend about writing this story and shared some of the details about what really happened back then. I was told to be honest as always and tell the entire truth. I am approaching this story with the real facts and regardless of whomever it offends , I will publish it. There are people who are willing to verify this true story. I promises it will he an interesting read. Pat


  3. I remember working several nights with Melissa on this case. Can’t wait to see what you write about the Highland rapist. Worked that detail for many weeks. Love ya man.


  4. Remember the case like yesterday. As a Detective at that time we all spent hours trying to catch this SOB. We were all very disappointed that we could not arrest the Highland rapist. Sure we were looking at the person.


    1. Your are right Jimmie! We had a great team of detectives back then. It is my hope that officers on the streets of our country consider and perhaps even adopt some of the techniques we utilized then.


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