On A Full Moon Chapter 2

Ask any cop and they will tell you the hardest case they will ever work is a brother or sister officer accused of a crime. I was raised a Southern Baptist and currently belong to The Simple Church in Shreveport. I am blessed to have the life I now live. I finally found my home. I must confess, I despise hypocrites. I was once one myself. Thank God I changed. I also hate crooked cops and most good cops do as well.

At age 14, she ran away from home, a nasty rent house in the Highland neighborhood in Shreveport. She was a beautiful young girl and very intelligent. She was not happy at home. Not sure what was going on there but it was bad enough for her to flee. Her parents called the police department and reported her as a runaway juvenile. Officer Vic Lucky met her parents at their home and wrote a detailed report. He radioed a runaway alert to all officers and placed a notification on the clipboard Duty Sergeants used each shift during the roll call. Each shift is briefed at roll call to the most important police matters pending.

A few days later, Vic spotted her walking along Centenary Boulevard, blocks from her home. He pulled over and began to talk to her. She was crying and did not want to go home. Vic had no choice but to place her in his car and take her back to her parents. Over the next year, Vic encountered her frequently and a limited friendship developed.   It was clear to see she would become a beautiful lady.

By the time she turned 16, she was getting a little wilder and stayed out late at night. Her parents would call Vic to search for her. Occasionally, he found her and took her home.

Late one summer afternoon, Vic called her house and she answered. Vic was off work for a couple of days. He asked if she would like to hang out with him for a while. She and her parents lived on Desoto Street just off Linwood. At the corner of Linwood and Desoto was a Fina gas station. He was driving his new, cool good-times van. It was black and decked out with a big bed and stereo system in the back. She climbed in and off they went. Vic was happily married with two small children at home but he had the hots for this young chick.

He drove directly to a liquor store.  He pulled the nose of the van to the store front, got out of his van and went in. The girl remained seated in the front passenger seat while Vic was inside buying a fifth of Jack Daniels whiskey, a large bottle of Coke and two large cups of ice. The clerk was not busy. Through the front window, he watched Vic Lucky break the seal on the whiskey bottle, pour a large amount in the cups and add the Coke. He saw the girl take her drink and gulp a big dose of whiskey.

“Vic lost his job that moment! Twelve years of police work out the proverbial window for contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.”

Next they drove to Vic’s best friend’s house. A single man who lived in Highland and was currently an applicant for the Shreveport Police Academy.  Vic and the girl went in the kitchen, sat at the old, chrome legged table with matching chairs and drank. The male home owner decided it was time for him to cut out. He sensed Vic was going to take the girl to bed.

After an hour of drinking whiskey on a empty stomach, the girl passed out. When she awoke, she found herself naked in a strange bed. The bed was in the middle bedroom of the old house. The headboard was actually the wall blocking the door leading to the adjoining bedroom. Her hands were raised over her head. She saw her hands were bound and attached to the old rusty door knob. She felt excruciating pain as Vic raped her. She began to cry screaming for him to stop.

When Vic completed his dastardly crime, he went to the kitchen for a pair of stainless scissors with orange handles laying on the top of the old white refrigerator. He cut her free. She jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom where she vomited into the filthy toilet. She saw Vic toss the binding into a large, black plastic trash can.

He helped her clean up and took her to Taco Bell. He bought her something to eat. He wanted to sober her up before taking her home.

Vic Lucky dropped her off behind the Fina station near her home. He drove home to his wife and kids.

The victim went home and took a bath. While she was bathing, she began to cry.  Mom, hearing her child sobbing, went to investigate.  The victim told her Mom everything that happened. Mom immediately called Shreveport Police.  Patrol officers responded to her home and transported the girl to a local hospital, Louisiana State University Medical Center, to undergo a rape exam. The patrol officers radioed headquarters they were investigating a sexual assault and needed detectives to join the investigation at the hospital. My partner and I rolled on the call. We met the victim and her mother.  We questioned the girl and recorded her statement.

We headed back to our office and called the on duty assistant district attorney. We requested him to meet us at Shreveport Police headquarters, Investigations Division. On arrival, the ADA was fully briefed and reviewed the recorded statement. He typed an affidavit for arrest and an application for a search warrant. Vic would be arrested after the search warrant was executed.

During the search, we found numerous items of evidence. We found the coke bottle, whiskey bottle, cups, scissors and the victim’s pantyhose she had been wearing. These were used to tie her to the door knob. With the use of special bright lights, we were able to see tiny pantyhose fibers between the blades of the scissors and other fibers on a burr on the screw head of the door knob.

The next morning, my partner radioed for a patrol officer to meet us at the corner of Centenary and Olive. Vic’s house was located one block away. We told the officer about the case. We had an arrest warrant to serve. He told us to find another cop to do this dirty work because he was Vic’s close friend. We refused his request. As detectives we had the authority to order him to do his job.  We would make the arrest and search the house. All he needed to do was transport the prisoner to jail.

Vic was arrested on his front porch as his wife stood crying in the front room with the small children. We found the clothing Vic had worn the night before. We left his house sick at our stomachs.

Shreveport Police Officer Vic Lucky exercised his right to an attorney and refused to give a statement. The case was sent to the D.A. for necessary legal proceedings. It was then filed in the dust bin buried at the back of the log jam of trials pending.  His lawyer worked the system. The case never went to court. Time passed. The victim was now 17 and able to leave home. She moved out of state. Vic’s lawyer was keeping tabs on her whereabouts and quickly filed a motion in court for a speedy trial. The case was rushed in front of a judge and called for trial. Vic was present. The victim was not.  The DA struck a quick deal for Vic to plead guilty to simple battery, a minor misdemeanor. He did so and skated. He went around town with his buddy, who refused to arrest him, telling anyone who listened how he was wrongfully arrested and fired from Shreveport Police Department.

7 thoughts on “On A Full Moon Chapter 2

  1. “a simple misdemeanor” well I must say, just because he(Vic) was a police officer, he should face charges against a minor. For what he(Vic) did is unacceptable in any ones eyes. Firing him was good, but he should have faced jail time.. Anyone else would have.. The man was a sure “nut” case anyway.. I pray that he(Vic) is not out there somewhere doing the same thing to other young women.. His day is coming..


    1. I agree with you Patty. He deserved to go to the state prison for years. As I wrote about this case I tried to share how he got off and it isn’t unique to just this local court system. D.A.’s are elected and so are most state level judges. As politicians they accept campaign donations from people and use this money their marketing as they seek office. The lawyer was a big supporter of the D.A. and all our local judges, so he had influence.
      Since the victim failed to appear in court to testify against him the charges were reduced. See, all lawyers know “the accused has a right to confront his accuser.” Her failure to appear in court was caused by the case taking forever to go before a judge. Once the D.A. agreed to the reduction of the charges, the judge had an easy out. This example is not uncommon in our judicial system. If one has enough money to hire the right lawyer then he can obtain special treatment. Poor people who are given free / tax paid lawyers don’t receive such special treatment. So in this case there was a crooked cop and a shady D.A. and perhaps even a shady judge. The system was worked to his benefit. Thank you for following my blog stories Patty!


  2. Wow, I missed this story…This was so sad. My heart went out to this young lady. Me and my girlfriend had almost the same encounter and it was scary. Glad he was caught redhanded.


    1. I hate knowing that in all walks of life there are bad people. They are also inside law enforcement agencies. My department has been a leader in plucking the bad apples out. Thanks again Connie


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