Rookie Cop Chapter 3

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Rookie Cop Chapter 3

He knew the cops were now keenly aware of him as he drove along the streets of Shreveport.  He felt he should discontinue trolling for targets in southeastern Shreveport. As he found himself cruising down West 70th street, he pulled into a convenience store located at the southwest corner of Pines Rd. He needed gas and a pack of Marlboro smokes. He parked at the pumps and went inside. As he pumped gas into his small economy car, he leaned against the rear fender and looked around an unfamiliar part of town.

While he was there, several young women parked and went inside. It was a hot summer day and they looked very good in their little shorts, tank-tops, flip-flops and ponytails. None of them hit him hard enough to follow them home or wherever they were bound.  He spotted a very nice apartment complex to the east of the store that looked promising. He realized most complexes offered private swimming pools and some were equipped with tennis courts. He screwed the gas cap on and hopped in his car. Soon he was slowly idling through the parking lot and rear of the property. He heard voices of children laughing and water splashing as young boys played in the complex pool.  The wrought iron fence surrounding the pool area did not prevent him from seeing in and surveying the deck and lounge chairs for young women.

It was mid morning and most of the women had small children with them. He wanted single women without kids dangling from them. He wanted tanned, hard little bodies with perky breasts and long slender legs.  He loved long blonde hair but actually any color would work as long as she was well equipped.  He backed into a space against the tall wooden privacy fence and killed his engine. Pulling the lever, his seat reclined low enough for him to barely see through the steering wheel. One by one he checked out the women. A couple were hot but they had toddlers at their feet. That was a turnoff for him. The ones that appeared to be without kids were too old or too heavy.  He decided to find another complex and do the same surveillance.  He would come back here around lunch time as he knew some single women took lunch breaks tanning by their pools.

Several blocks north of 70th, on the west side of Huntington High School, he spotted a new complex. Few cars were in the spaces as he rounded the building and spotted the pool area. He parked in a perfect space that allowed just enough distance to prevent him from being noticed as he watched for an hour. Two young ladies were wearing bikinis sitting on thick fluffy beach towels. They had his attention as they took turns applying tanning oil to one another’s backs and shoulders.  One had deep auburn hair and very long legs with small breasts. The other was shorter and very well proportioned. Nice hips, firm little ass and large breasts that seem to be fighting to get out of the skimpy little sling that was struggling hard to contain them.

The next day they were back and so was he. This time he parked at the opposite end of the complex near the maintenance shed where little car or foot traffic occurred. He walked out of the complex and around the perimeter privacy fence to the very rear of the complex. He paused and peered between the cracks of the planks. He was able to spot the girls sunbathing and talking to each other. The undeveloped wooded area behind him gave him perfect concealment.  An hour later, they sat up and started gathering their belongings as they prepared to leave for the day. He hurried back around the fence and intercepted them as they headed for their apartment. He slowed his walk and maintained his visual at a safe distance. They ascended the stairs. When they reached the top, they split up going each to their own apartment. The blonde went to the apartment on the left and the redhead to the apartment on the right.

Things were clicking here for him. It made him tingle inside. He checked his watch and made a mental note of the time which was 12:15 p.m. He strode around the grounds keeping an eye on the blonde’s apartment. He spotted her walking out her door fully dressed in business attire. She wore a dress skirt and white button down blouse. She carried a small purse with a strap on her shoulder and her keys in her right hand. There were few people moving about the complex mid day. He felt safe as he headed to the mailboxes which were on an exterior wall of the clubhouse and office. He spotted one with the door unlocked. He opened it just a crack so he could reach down and act as if he was unlocking it. He turned and looked back at the blonde as she walked toward a silver midsize car. He quickly closed the mailbox door and headed in her direction. She got into the car and fired it up in seconds. She backed out and quickly  headed towards Pines Road.

He suspected she had been on her lunch break. He now knew where her apartment was located, the type car she drove and where she parked. The next day he arrived at 10:30 a.m. and parked between two pickup trucks near the front of the complex. He concealed his knife and rope as usual. He then walked the sidewalk that ran across the front of the complex to the far west driveway. The same one used by the blonde the day before. He continued west and once again made it to the crack in the fence. The sun was beating down on him. There was no breeze. He began to sweat so he moved beneath the shade of a large tree to wait. At 11:10 a.m. he went back to the fence crack and spotted the girls as before. They were laughing as they rubbed oil over their arms and legs. When they started applying it to their cleavage, he became rock hard. Both were lovely ladies but the blonde really turned him on. He was sure she was his choice for today. Every few minutes he would leave the cool shade and ease over to the crack. He kept checking his watch and finally it was 12:00 p.m. Sweat was soaking his long-sleeved western shirt. He rolled up his sleeves and wiped his hair away from his forehead. He remained hard as he fantasized of having the lovely blonde. She would do everything he wanted. He couldn’t wait to see the fear in her eyes, to hear her weep under her breath as he had his way with her. He wondered if she would respond to his rhythm and if she would let her satisfaction show itself with a smile once she was enjoying it. He couldn’t wait to pull one of the strings of the tiny bows at the back of her neck and upper back. The ones holding the little bikini top on her. He would pull the strings and let the top fall to the floor while he watched her eyes as he disrobed her.

He was watching through the crack at 12:15 p.m. Right on time they gathered their things and headed to their apartments. He watched them until they disappeared around the corner of the building. He knew their destination.

By the time he reached their apartment building, they had closed their doors. He quietly took the stairs and watched over his shoulder to see if anyone could see him. The coast was clear as he gently tapped on the blonde’s thick wooden door. He pasted on his little boy grin and held his breath. He glanced over his shoulder for any witnesses. She called through the door asking who is it.

He replied as softly as he could, “Jimmy from downstairs”. A moment went by before the door slowly opened. The blonde barely stuck her head around the edge of the door concealing her body. She said, “Yes, may I help you?” He quickly gave his line. She nodded but pushed the door closed. He waited and thought about how this would work. Soon the door opened slightly. He saw only half her face as she reached around the door with a pen and piece of paper. He moved so fast she never realized what was happening. He grabbed her hand and pulled. He pushed the door open so hard it knocked her to the floor. A swift move by him and the door was closed. He was on top of her waving the long black blade in her face. She clearly had just removed her swimsuit and was about to take a shower when he knocked on her door. She wrapped herself in a large bath towel and answered. Now the towel was on the floor and the knife was only an inch from her nose. He cupped his free palm over her mouth as he whispered his orders.

He forced her up to her knees while he stood. He made her unzip his jeans and hold him. He held a handful of her long hair in his off-hand, knife to her throat with the other as he raped her. She noticed blue tattoos on the inside of both forearms. They looked homemade and were hard to see clearly because of her tears. She made up her mind to study every feature about him. She hated him for what he was doing and prayed one day he would be caught and punished.

Almost a week went by before he struck again. He went all the way across town to the very south end of our . There he attacked a lady in a complex on Bert Kouns. He forced her to her knees just inside her doorway at knife point again.  Things were different about this attack. She left the door open as she turned to get the pen and paper. She was quickly attacked as she took her second step away from him. She did not make a sound. The time of day was also different. This attack took place at 9:00 p.m. instead of daytime. The TV was on in the bedroom. The volume turned up. She and her boyfriend had been in bed watching a movie. While she was being attacked in the front of the apartment, the boyfriend never left the bed. He called to her to bring him another beer.

Thomas whispered for her to tell him she would be just a minute. When he finished, he told her if she screamed, he would kill her and the boyfriend. She needed to let him get away before she called the cops. He would know when they came. If not he would come back and kill her one day. He told her he knew where she worked and convinced her to wait the 5 minutes.

Over the next several months, Thomas bounced back and forth across Shreveport raping women. He switched his M.O. to nights and increased his attacks.

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    1. Janice,
      Thank you for reading my blogs and for telling me about this mistake. I just edited this story again and re-published it. This error was corrected, beyond the grammar mistakes do you enjoy reading them?


    1. This was a hard case for me to investigate. He bad mouthed me all over town after he skated with the simple battery charge. He should have been in Angola for 20 years. Thanks for reading my stories!


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