Rookie Cop Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Serial Rapist

He spotted her car underneath the open air covered parking area. He noted her assigned parking space listing her apartment number. Slowly driving out of the apartment complex, he jotted down that number. He liked the way she looked, small, petite, long blonde hair that ran all the way down to her lower back. She was in great shape. Her body was clearly revealed as she wore a tight tee shirt and running shorts. He imagined the things he would do to her once she was under his complete control.

Over the next two days, he stalked her. He followed her to the college campus noting each of her movements. He logged the days and times of each occasion she left her upstairs apartment. He was delighted to learn her main entrance was mostly concealed in the very back of the building by the stairs. Her neighbor’s door was directly across from hers. This would be to his advantage when he approached her door away from public viewing. He felt comfortable with his plan. He fantasized about how it would go. She started each morning with a jog along Bayou Pierre on an asphalt running path directly behind her apartment. She appeared to run the full length. It normally took her about 30 minutes to make the round trip. When she finished, he noticed she was soaked in perspiration and clearly exhausted. In his mind, she would be easy prey. He was aroused thinking of her private area that would be moist and ready for him.

He finalized his plan. As the sun rose the next morning, he would pay her a visit when she returned from her run.

While most residents slept, he waited in his car at the south end of the complex. She wore a tight fitting tank top and tight jogging shorts as she headed south along the pathway. Thomas was his given name. He hated it. He was now prepared. He chose not to wear under shorts or a belt so he could access himself with ease. His long black knife was in the passenger seat along with a short spool of cotton cord. He rubbed himself as he envisioned the events unfolding.  He dreamed the same dream each time. At first she would be startled as he caught her with her guard down. The shock and surprise in her eyes added to the fun and excitement. She would plead with him not to hurt her. She would be willing to do anything he wanted if he promised not to hurt her. He knew this was a female act. They all wanted it. They fantasized of being forced to do wicked things. Her tears and pleadings would diminish as he entered her and gave her what she secretly wanted. He would watch her facial expressions turn from fear to pleasure. He would grow bigger and go much deeper as he pleased her. Soon she would respond in kind to his steady rhythm. She would try her best to turn on the tears again in order to hide her smile. It happened every time. Sooner or later they all accepted their fate and took full advantage of the secret encounter. Sooner or later they all let the smile come to their faces even if it was for just a second.

The last 100 yards she slowed from a run to a walk. She looked hot and appeared to him ready to be pleased. His erection was powerful and almost caused him to be lightheaded. He was so proud of himself. He was greatly endowed. She would remember him for the rest of her life. Each time she was with a lover, she would wish it was him, Thomas, instead.

With the cord in his back pocket and the knife under the back of his shirt, he slowly strode across the quiet parking lot to her apartment. He heard her door close and the deadbolt engage.  He took his time as he silently counted to 10. Climbing the stairs with a happy go lucky boyish smile pasted on his face, he quietly knocked on her front door. He saw her shadow block the peephole as she checked him out. He smiled and waved. It worked every time. Instead of asking him what he wanted through the door, his baby face and smile allowed her to unlock the deadbolt and open her door halfway. He told her his spiel about his girlfriend and working off shore.  He explained he wanted to write his girlfriend a note to let her know he was back in town. He asked for a pen and paper as his smile changed to a puppy dog frown. He quickly won her trust with the story. She turned to collect the items. Within seconds, he had the knife to her throat, his free hand grasped her long blonde hair, She weakly squealed in shock. He eased his foot back to the door and closed it. He forced her face down on the carpet. Quietly he tied her hands behind her back. He made sure to leave enough slack so she could slide the restraint down to step through the loop after he left. He knew it would take her several minutes to accomplish this. He would be several blocks away when the cops were called. By the time an officer arrived at her apartment,  he would be miles away.

From her beautiful blue eyes, tears flowed down her flushed cheeks as he forced her to her knees. She stared into his eyes as she drew a deep breath preparing to scream. He quickly shushed her. He told her he would slit her throat if she screamed! Her eyes widened as he unzipped his jeans and revealed himself to her.

Suck it babe. If you bite me, I will kill you before you even break the skin! That’s it. Take it all in! Very good girl. Now, don’t stop.

After what felt like an eternity, he withdrew himself and made her stand. He walked her to the end of the sofa and pushed her facedown over the overstuffed arm. He slid her tight wet shorts to the floor and flung them toward the twirling ceiling fan. Round and round they went after being snagged by the blade. He smiled sickly as he thought, they would soon become air dried.

He quickly drove deep into her and realized she was not sexually active. She was so tight! She squirmed and cried into the cushions as he pounded her with everything he had. He knew she had never experienced a real man with such a large tool. It took him a full hour to get off, and when he did, she cried even harder. He felt her tremble and thought he saw the moment the tiny smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

He forced her back to the floor and ordered her to stay. She silently whimpered and did as she was told. He quickly found her purse and removed all her cash. He collected all her jewelry from the bathroom. His pockets were packed with his bounty. He was very pleased with himself. He knew she would never forget him.

In a short time, miles away, he pulled into a big pawnshop to cash in. He told the old crusty man behind the counter his wife had run off with his best friend. He was getting rid of all her things. He pocketed a couple hundred dollars and headed home for the day. His wife was in the living room rocking their baby boy. She smiled. She believed he was home early from the construction job where he was a lead carpenter. He had no job other than taking money from lonely women. It worked for him. In prison he had learned the skill of carpentry. When released, he walked off his job during lunchtime the very first day. He hated taking orders from his bully of a boss. He was happy now. He stayed clean, he did not sweat and made more money now than ever before. On top of that, he was pleasured in oh so many ways. He was living the life.

He smiled to himself, leaned over and kissed his wife and little boy.

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